Ginger is an asian restaurant located in Anchorage, Alaska. People are drawn to Ginger for its satisfying meals as well as its modern, yet warm atmosphere. Ginger’s current branding system relies strongly on a modern aesthetic. Although this type of branding is popular in many of today’s diners and eateries, Ginger aims to stand out in the hearts of its consumers. Ginger differentiates itself from similar restaurants by implementing a brand identity that pays homage to the historical value of ginger as an herbal spice. Throughout Asian history, ginger has been used in various remedies and medicines and is recognized for its health benefits and healing properties. One Chinese proverb states: “Food and medicine share the same roots.” In forging that connection to the history of ginger, the branding of Ginger seeks to emulate that same sense of health, calm, and tranquility, while serving food that appeases the palate. 


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